Thursday, 20 November 2014

Calliergonella maps

In response to Graham's earlier post here are the distributions of our two Calliergonella species (MapMate data only).


  1. Re the cuspidata map - just goes to show how under-recorded the Vale is, which I guess we should view as a good thing as there could be some exciting stuff down there (evidenced by the two new VC records there recently!).

  2. well Impressed by the coverage!

    I was trying to remember other Glam records today - in 1996 I recorded Riccardia palmata new to county - the NBN only shows 10km ref for some reason - sure BBS must have a six fig ref, but if you need one it was on a very large diameter partially rotted log almost by the footpath through the wood at Oxwich - I guess about SS504860. Other records are in full on NBN - like Splachnum ampullaceum from north side of Neath valley and Riccia sorocarpa from the garden of house I lived in in Neath and from nearby at Gnoll Park, but others like Hennediella heimii and Cololejeunea minutissima from just east of rifle ranges on saltmarsh at Gowerton aren't (but see Sam had these in next 1km just to west). I doubt if there is anything significant missing though, but i'll keep an eye peeled for any records that might be lurking in my files.

  3. Cheers Graham, there's still some data collation to be done before the MapMate dataset can be considered complete, but we're heading in the right ever Sam's input is essential and we know he's a busy guy, so all in good time.