Friday, 28 November 2014

The Pogonatum challenge Glam-style

It appears the two common Pogonatum species are much scarcer in the lower lying areas of Glamorgan as well as Carmarthenshire. The maps suggest both are absent from the Vale (George's challenge!) and lower land of the Gower peninsula (my challenge). Charles and Hilary have recorded them in a good proportion of the monads they have visited in NPT, so I guess altitude and geology are important factors? Finding P. nanum is of course the real challenge! It's on the county list, but we have no records in MapMate yet.


  1. There are old hectad records from the Vale for those species, but nothing at tetrad scale. They must be quite scarce given the generally limey/clayey soils in the Vale - but a good challenge to try and find them!

  2. I found aloides about 50m from the house today growing at the base of a rock exposure in an abandoned building plot. Yesterday I also saw aloides as-well-as nanum in SS48, so it is present at low frequency on the peninsula.