Friday, 21 November 2014


Over last couple of weeks I have been writing up the new additions to Breconshire since Ray published his Bryophyte Flora (i'll put it on Brecks vc page of BBS web site in a week or so).  Anyway, I started on a Syntrichia papillosa note, then realised that the record was actually located in Glam and not Brecks (and corrected some time later in BBS Field Bryology report).   It is known not too far away from Brecks boundary in Abergavenny area and just into Radnorshire in Wye Valley.  Thinking it must be somewhere in Usk valley and having taken the day off to finish some  flooring, I thought I would have a quick walk around Llangynidr to see if I could find the Syntrichia (after all the Field Guide tells us that it is something of an urban species), before getting on with the DIY - the third elder I looked there was one small patch of the moss!  Other than that though it was difficult to spot much in gloom and rain, so other bryos were mainly bread and butter stuff, with just single patches of Cryphaea heteromalla, Radula complanata, Porella platyphylla and Syntrichia laevipila to lift the mood.



  1. Well done Graham. Syntrichia papillosa seems to increase towards the coast in S Wales. It's unpredictable in most of Carms. Porella is a good record too.

  2. It's funny when I looked briefly at the County Lists tab yesterday the absence of papillosa from VC42 was the first thing that jumped out at me.

    It's one of the commonest epiphytes on street trees in Cardiff. The nearest street Tilia to my house is covered in it. At the moment there are no tetrad records in my MapMate for the towns between Cardiff and Swansea but it must be present in places like Bridgend.