Monday, 17 November 2014

Doing 'my' bit {of SN60}

The blog has done its thing: I'm feeling reinvigorated to go mossing!  I headed out today to 'my' bit of SN60 so as to compliment Barry's sterling efforts in VC41.  SN60E has a lot of habitat including wooded valleys and the Lougher, but is largely inaccessible because the footpaths all cross pasture and the lanes are restricted to one side.  Anyway, I got 60+ species in the lanes and a stream valley SE of Ty-croes, complimenting a few things grabbed by Ian Morgan in the 1990s and IDed for him by Jonathan Graham.

Unexpected highlight of the day was a 3x3cm patch of Lophocolea fragrans on a small rock on the bank of a very ordinary roadside stream.  Sorry, these iPod photos are awful!

This species was found by the BBS at Glynhir in SN61, and this SN60 record represents the 11th Carms hectad with this uncommon liverwort.  Other vaguely noteworthy species present included Orthotrichum stramineum, Fissidens celticus, Hookeria and Dichodontium agg.

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