Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Which Weissia? least I hope it's a Weissia and I'm not barking up completely the wrong tree!

I found this at the weekend on a soil bank near Caerphilly Mountain. Associates were Fissidens taxifolius and Barbula unguiculata.

Unfortunately nearly all capsules are immature, but there is one which has lost its lid - see 2nd and 3rd photos below. This looks to have a narrow mouth suggesting brachycarpa. The leaves seem to have a mixture of plane and inrolled margins. Setae are about 2.5mm long.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


  1. George, I've posted a comment on this post in the comment box for your last post (I think that makes sense!) by mistake.

  2. One of those pics seems to show a narrow mouth so I'd lean towards brachycarpa too. It'll need more detailed study I'm afraid, eg spore measuring to take it to var. ID of most Weissia in autumn is in advisable, though the very in rolled contro var contro is safe.

  3. Thanks for the comments both. I think it probably is brachycarpa. I'll leave to dry out, and hopefully dehisce, as you suggest Charles. Unfortunately I don't have a graticule for my microscope, so spore measurements are beyond me at present. I'll have to get myself one for Christmas...